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One of the greatest sports documentaries:
FOUR FOR FOUR, The Kyle Dake Story

FOUR FOR FOUR follows US college wrestling champion Kyle Dake through his senior season as he attempts to be the first wrestler in US history to win national championships in four weight classes over four straight years.

FOUR FOR FOUR captures Dake in action across the US, from the training gym to sports arenas nationwide, from weight room to hotel room, from training mat at Cornell to the NCAA championship mat before a live audience of 17,000 and a TV audience of millions.

FOUR FOR FOUR gives viewers close-up access to Dake’s year-long training regimen, both physical and mental, and mat-side views of his most grueling, intense contests right through the dramatic finals match.

Film Producer and Marketing Entrepreneur Patrick Hadley, (The Other Side of the Tracks, Finding Center) commissioned filmmaker Greg Accetta to document Kyle Dake’s year-long quest for an unprecedented fourth weight-class championship in NCAA Division I Wrestling, match-by-match, milestone-by-milestone.

FOUR FOR FOUR is an intimate portrayal of the life and mind of an unrivaled Division 1 NCAA Champion, featuring close-up coverage of Dake’s inspiring training regimen and dramatic NCAA matches, climaxing with the NCAA finals match against long-time rival David Taylor.

© Patrick Hadley

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